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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Letter from the founder (part 1) -

What to speak about? What not to speak about?

"There are many understandings of the energies and forces that push or pull us into becoming the vessels of decisions that we are, will be and have been. Lots of people go on about the reasons the evildoers do evil and the do-gooders do good. For so long I have watched the world around me act out its' play, wondering, what was it teaching me? What are they showing me? All sorts of questions whirled in my head. But the most consistent throughout my inner selfs’, spectator style, adventure? WHY?

Why do we chase success? Why do we pray for good people but rarely pray for sinners, who need it most? Why do we pretend to like a pair of shoes, that our friends like but we find disgusting? Why do we all dream of being rich and famous, yet not all of us would find that lifestyle enjoyable? So many questions arise when you are constantly searching, but don’t know what for.

Through the ups and downs of life, that many of us have gone through, my searching started to pay off. I started experiencing small pockets of something ecstatic. I couldn’t understand what it was, but there were very raw moments where I felt light and free. But these moments were entangled with extremely high contrast experiences. Understanding how it may sound to some, I felt and saw dark corners of my soul. Dark corridors and halls that I had, with everything in me, avoided for so long. This shook me. But did not break me beyond what was necessary.

After a long time of self-reflection, healing and growing, I soon started to understand what I had been searching for. Truth. Clarity. Happiness. Bliss. These four words are defined differently, however, they are actually one and the same. I had been searching for truth in a world shaped by lies. I wanted brutal honesty from those around me, allowing me to give them what they seek, in turn providing peace for myself. I searched for brutal honesty between my conscious and unconscious mind, allowing me to understand my traumas, heal from them and prevent them from spilling out and onto those closest to me. I searched for truth, clarity, happiness and bliss.

By knowing my target, the search should have become easier. But far from it, it was harder than before, but it was more concentrated. I read books, listened to anyone who would speak, purged the energies around me and little by little, began to see more and more of the truth that I was searching for.

I am still on the search for this truth. The further down the path I travel, the longer I predict the path to be. The less I believe an end destination awaits. Yet the happier I become. Along this path, at some point, I was reminded that everything fades eventually. Everything dies except that which is passed on. In that moment, I knew what I had to do. I had no clue what method would be used. But the result will be produced."

This letter was written by the founder to articulate what, we at vibes, stand for and represent. Why our movement exists and to create a clear vision of our goals for all to us. Find out more about our origins, goals and vision in the next post where the final section of the letter is revealed.

Wishing you good vibes, always!

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