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Founders Letter - Part 2

Why we exist -

Vibes: A Movement! A Lifestyle!

"So here it is. Here is the seed that will one day grow, bearing the fruits that will feed future truth seekers and one day, die. Yet be reborn and die in millions of souls all over, in the times to follow. Through Vibes organic growth pattern, many have mistaken us for a clothing brand. We are far from another drop in the ocean, that is the clothing industry.

Vibes is a movement; Looking to build a community where masks are only worn over our flesh and not our souls. Where the truth is celebrated not shunned. Whether it is a mutual truth or singular truth. Where you’re free to wear your truest personality, completely raw and unfiltered. If no harm is caused to others, we want to see your vibes, 100% real and totally unmasked!

Disclaimer: if you are looking for silly celebrities glorifying stupidity, Safe haven for discrimination due to fear, weak hearts too afraid to relearn love, lazy mind sapping quotes to make you feel but never do better, or any other form of soul poison, we kindly ask you to fuck off and look elsewhere! We’re busy loving and growing ourselves and our community. Thank you and have a great day."

This letter was written by the founder to articulate what, we at vibes, stand for and represent. Why our movement exists and to create a clear vision of our goals for all to us. We hope you now understand our aims and if not, we will be making it clear with every release, every post, every venture.

We are here, to spread positive energy only!

Wishing you good vibes, always!

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